Concert Hall

Not every performer has the blessings I have in the parents to whom I was born. As they enter their 46th year of marriage in 2011, they are closer than ever to each other and the trials (that 14 kids plus can bring) that have tested them have forged a union that, sadly, people today seem to have forgotten can exist. My preference for this page was to have a different perspective than my own so that you can meet me through the eyes of others. I could think of no one better for perspective than mom and dad!

Daniel was born to a musical family, not a group of professional music entertainers, but to a church chorus. Number nine in a family of fourteen children, Dan has eight brothers and five sisters. His mother has a Bachelor of Science degree in music education, and his dad sang in the New Jersey All State Chorus for two years while in high school. Since we sing each week in church, Dan, in-utero, was exposed to a lot of rehearsal and performance music.

After his birth, his musical exposure, along with all of our children, was a continuation of weekly music. By the age of two, Dan could sing songs in key– something rare in a child of that age. Always a good, loving, caring child, Dan grew up with a positive attitude and fully applied himself to everything he did. He was homeschooled through high school.

At first, he didn’t have a deep interest in attending college full-time, but Dan decided to take a few courses at the local community college. During this time he worked at Wal-Mart, where his love for an audience supplied him with a unique ability to take care of the volume of customers he might see in a day. His work ethic and positive attitude put him on a track for quick advancement with the store. Realizing he wouldn’t be happy with a career in retail, though, Dan decided to pursue college full-time, majoring in music management so to help with the family business, a recording studio. While attending William Paterson University he joined the opera workshop program and fell in love with performing on stage. He enjoyed singing so much that, heading into his third semester, he changed his major from music management to vocal performance. Dan graduated Magna cum laude Daniel Foran with Parents and won the school’s “Outstanding Classical Performer” award. Although not fully intent upon going further with his education, he decided to try out for graduate school programs in New York City. He auditioned for two schools and was accepted to both with scholarships. Dan received his Master of Music Degree from Manhattan School of Music.

Dan interacts well with all age groups. He continually, creatively and energetically communicates his love and passion for music to all he encounters.